Cyber Threat Management platform

Defense against known and unknown threats

Cyber Threat Management platform

Defense against known and unknown cyber threats is an ongoing battle for all enterprises. It makes sense to outsource your infrastructure’s defense to a specialized security partner. But at the same time you want to retain a solid overview and understanding into how your partner endeavors to deliver this service and keep you secure. And you want to bridge the gap between operational technical details and meaningful information for your C-Suite’s decision making process.


In our view, it is no longer tenable for organizations to assume they can cope with the current threat landscape by employing fragmented and static solutions. To stand a fighting chance against the more advanced threats, organizations need to build up (or outsource) operational capabilities in the four critical areas of intelligence, prevention, detection and response.

Organizations are increasingly finding that the traditional approach to security including ‘fire and largely forget’ solutions, is not working to address the current threat landscape. In addition to requiring ongoing security operations to manage risk, intelligence is taking on an increasingly larger role. Fox-IT has developed a technology platform that addresses these challenges, both from an operational perspective, but also from one of an end customer that can easily follow the operations conducted on its behalf.

Platform for delivering transparent cyber security operations

The intelligence-driven Cyber Threat Management platform is in essence the underlying technology for conducting advanced cyber security operations. For customers retaining a service based on it, the platform serves as the gateway to all underlying systems in the Cyber Threat Management environment. It is employed by our analysts to provide world class security services to end-customers. Customers can log-in to the platform and see exactly what our analysts see, and optionally collaborate with them. The platform also abstracts the technical and operational information for tactical and strategic management. The level determines the functionality, information form and abstraction. On the operational layer, analysts are presented with a threat analytics environment with integrated workflow from which they are able to see and investigate security incidents. The environment also enables analysts to do threat research and apply intelligence to the overall platform.

Are you interested in using our technology to deliver world class security services, please see our partner services page for details.

Key benefits

  • 24-7_DB
    Real-time Situational Awareness

    Situational awareness through real-time visability on your digital environment

  • Forensic_DB
    Advanced Theat Detection

    Multiple layers of detection with a battle-tested workflow offers capabilities to detect and block cyber threats

  • Structure_DB
    Modular Architecture

    Easily expand your capablilitires by adding our CTMp intelligence, network, endpoint and log detection modules

  • Network_DB
    Open architecture

    The CTMp platform also integrates with your other (existing) sources of information, including SIEMs and other sources

  • Expand_DB
    Flexible service delivery

    Share the workload associated with a security operations center via Fox-IT’s flexible service model

  • Change 02_DB
    Collaboration & capability development

    Create a development path towards an independent in-house or hybrid SOC

Why Fox-IT

Fox-IT understands that security is an ongoing process that should cover detection, prevention, response and intelligence. Our security specialists have a thorough understanding of these elements, gained from extensive operational experience in providing a wide variety of security services. We have a long history of incorporating threat intelligence in our way of working. This is the key characteristic throughout the services we deliver.

We track the most serious threat actors and gathering and analyze threat intelligence on a 24/7 basis. Fox-IT applies its knowledge of the latest cyber threats directly in its services and uses it to design, build and validate innovative solutions that protect against both regular and advanced persistent threats. The resulting solutions are then utilized in our ongoing operations, professional services and made available to our clients. This approach has led to the development of one of the most advanced Security Operation Centers in the world.

The Nuclear Security Summit in 2014 was a huge challenge for our city. Because of its diplomatic intensity, we knew there were chances of being targeted by sophisticated cyber adversaries. That’s why we needed the best experts in cyber security. For us it was self-evident to work with Fox-IT, our partner within The Hague Security Delta. The result? A successful and safe summit, thanks also to Fox-IT’s hard work in the background.

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