Cyber Security Assessment

Assess your cyber security resilience to plan ahead

Cyber Security Assessment

For many years, organizations have mainly taken preventative measures to harden their systems in order to protect themselves against cyber threats. These improvements where often driven by compliancy needs. Unfortunately, today’s reality is that many of these preventative measures are falling short in protecting the organization against cyberattacks. While such measures often remain relevant, they need to be supplemented to mount a stronger defense. A more dynamic approach is needed – based on threat intelligence, detection and response capabilities – to effectively protect an organization against a wide variety of threat actors.

This new approach applies real-world intelligence insights on the latest threats and attacks to improve resilience and to cope with threats when they reach your business. In prevention, the key is to develop a modern layered defense in accordance with the overall threat landscape, aiming not only to improve prevention, but also to increase the odds of detection and support remediation. This forms the basis for mature cyber security strategy formulation, architecture design and policy formulation.

In case of failing preventative measures, detection and response capabilities enable an organizations to identify, analyze and respond to any anomalous data traffic or behavior as quickly as possible. The goal is to respond as it happens and therefore to limit the impact to business processes as much as possible in terms of time and degree of damage.

Leading their organization, board, c-level and management must ensure that they have the right insights to understand cyber risks in their business environment and a conceptual understanding of the challenges of cyber risk mitigation through prevention, detection and response as a way to counter evolving cyber threats to their businesses. We help you to understand the threat landscape of your organization and review your current security posture as the basis for (re-)designing an effective security strategy and roadmap.

A wide-ranging and integral Risk & Security Assessment is the first step that many of our customers take to understand where they stand with their cyber security. The Risk & Security Assessment provides a concrete plan of action with recommended measures that can mitigate the most serious business risks from both external threats and internal vulnerabilities.

There are many methods for assessing the cyber security of an organization. Fox-IT offers the following solutions to help you assess yours:

1. Measuring the strength of your external defenses

Want to find out how strong your defenses are against online hackers? Or how strong your internal defenses are once a hacker gets hold of a single endpoint? With Fox-IT Penetration Testing operations, you take the first step toward making your security risks truly manageable. During such tests, we exploit vulnerabilities we discover and give organizations a glimpse at the severity of the consequences when vulnerabilities are exploited by threat actors.

2. Measuring the strength of your ICT architecture

Do you want to know how strong your ICT architecture is with respect to cyber security? The Fox-IT’s Architecture Review service investigates where the existing network architecture provides a secure base, where it’s weaknesses are, how these could be improved and what adjustments to the design of the infrastructure could make your organization more secure.

3. Finding out if you have been compromised

Wondering whether your systems have already been infiltrated by current or past attackers? Fox-IT’s Compromise Assessment is a unique intelligence driven service that detects key indicators of compromise to an infrastructure or the information systems within it. Fox-IT experts gain an insight into the various aspects of your IT security.

4. Measuring the effectiveness of your security organization

Curious how well your Cyber Security Operations Center and/or Incident Response teams are prepared for real attacks? Fox-ITs Red Teaming service is focused on increasing your organization’s resilience against serious threats. This is not only achieved by breaking in, capture key (business related) flags and delivering a detailed report of the issues and process; we also focus on guiding and coaching and improving your blue team and crisis team during and after the red team exercise.

5. Developing a cyber security strategy and roadmap

Looking for a comprehensive cyber security assessment from both a technical and business impact point of view to help you develop a cyber security strategy and roadmap? Our Security Strategy Consulting can help you understand the maturity of your cyber security approach and how it relates to the threat landscape of the organization. Such assessments are done from both a technical and non-technical point of view. We help you to translate our understanding into a cyber security strategy and guide you to improve your organization’s security efforts. Cyber threats and vulnerabilities will be linked to your business risks, in order to develop the right security measures for your organization.

Key benefits

  • Forensic_DB
    Answers & Assurance

    Identify traces of (past) compromises and understand the extent and the severity of each compromise

  • Insight_DB
    Effective learning by threat simulation

    Simulate the tools, tactics and procedures of real-world attackers that target your environment

  • Filter 01_DB
    Maturity Assessment

    Measure organization’s overall security posture, based on realistic, ‘no-holds-barred’ attack to improve resilience

  • Approved 01_DB
    Security Program Evaluation

    Improve your security posture and capabilities by evaluating your security program

  • Data more_DB
    Strategy & Roadmap

    Set strategy to improve effectiveness across security domains, and define implementation roadmap

  • Focus_DB
    Reduce Business Risk

    Draws on our collective expertise to deliver tailored and actionable recommendations to reduce business risks

Why Fox-IT

Fox-IT understands that security is an ongoing process that should cover detection, prevention, response and intelligence. Our security specialists have a thorough understanding of these elements, gained from extensive operational experience in providing a wide variety of security services. We have a long history of incorporating threat intelligence in our way of working. This is the key characteristic throughout the services we deliver.

We track the most serious threat actors and gathering and analyze threat intelligence on a 24/7 basis. Fox-IT applies its knowledge of the latest cyber threats directly in its services and uses it to design, build and validate innovative solutions that protect against both regular and advanced persistent threats. The resulting solutions are then utilized in our ongoing operations, professional services and made available to our clients. This approach has led to the development of one of the most advanced Security Operation Centers in the world.