CTM Network Module

Protect your assets

CTM Network Module

Despite the preventive controls you have implemented to keep cyber threats at bay, your network is never 100% secure. Cyber criminals use a variety of stealth methods to gain access to organizations’ computing systems, including phishing users into giving them access to passwords, log-in information, and the means to tap into sensitive corporate assets. Granting network access to contractors and temporary workers also presents security hazards.

Our solution

With the Fox-IT Network Protection Module, our analysts keep an eye on your network around the clock. They do this from our Security Operations Centre (SOC), where they detect security threats and suspicious activities, such as hacking attempts, data breaches or virus outbreaks.

Because the methods used by cyber criminals to penetrate security systems have become increasingly more sophisticated, equally sophisticated methods are required to detect intrusions and thwart attacks before the wrong people can gain access to sensitive information. With efficient and innovative network monitoring, our customers are prepared for threats from misuse, misconfiguration and misbehavior, including:

  • Botnet communication traffic
  • Successful intrusion attempts
  • Data breaches
  • Suspicious traffic patterns
  • Drive-by downloads
  • Malware distribution
  • Policy violations such as use of cloud storage
  • Remote access tools
  • Investigations into industrial espionage
  • Consequences of 0-days and APTs
  • Other consequences of abuse

The network module can be operated as a standalone service or as part of our Cyber Threat Management platform.

Key benefits

  • 24-7_DB
    Real-time situational awareness

    Gain real-time visibility through network traffic monitoring in your digital environment

  • Forensic_DB
    Advanced Threat Detection

    Integrate sources of information to orchestrate the holistic monitoring of threats

  • Tracing_DB
    Intelligence Driven Detection

    Threat intelligence to rapidly identify and report irregularities, deviations and attacks

  • Forensic_DB
    Incident Triage

    Effective incident triage and forensic analysis tools for instant treat mitigation

  • System Security_DB
    Remediaton Support

    Experts advice on how to block advanced cyber threats and limit further outbreak

  • Change 02_DB
    Collaboration & Capability Development

    Benefit from support and development path towards an independent in-house or hybrid SOC

Why Fox-IT

Fox-IT understands that security is an ongoing process that should cover detection, prevention, response and intelligence. Our security specialists have a thorough understanding of these elements, gained from extensive operational experience in providing a wide variety of security services. We have a long history of incorporating threat intelligence in our way of working. This is the key characteristic throughout the services we deliver.

We track the most serious threat actors and gathering and analyze threat intelligence on a 24/7 basis. Fox-IT applies its knowledge of the latest cyber threats directly in its services and uses it to design, build and validate innovative solutions that protect against both regular and advanced persistent threats. The resulting solutions are then utilized in our ongoing operations, professional services and made available to our clients. This approach has led to the development of one of the most advanced Security Operation Centers in the world.