Architecture Review

In-depth assessment of your IT-security architecture

Architecture Review

A good network architecture strengthens the protection of your IT infrastructure. It is an essential tool for reducing the impact of cyber incidents and helping prevent them whenever possible. However, many organizations do not have the expertise to determine whether their network architecture is sufficient.

Furthermore, there are government organizations and laws that force organizations to have their architecture in order, such as the Dutch Regulation Information Security for Government Service (VIR) or the Baseline Information Security Service (BIT). But what does this legislation mean in practice?

Our Solution

Cyber security measures focus on prevention, detection, intelligence and response. A good network architecture provides key preventive measures. At the same time, a transparent architecture makes other measures possible for responding to a minimizing the impact of an attack.

The Fox-IT’s Architecture Review service investigates where the existing network architecture provides a secure base, where this could be improved and what adjustments to the design of the infrastructure could make your organization more secure.

An Architecture Review starts with taking an inventory of available information, which is analyzed to determine:

  • What network connections exist?
  • What solutions are used for links and what assumptions formed the basis for these choices?

The needs and demands of your organization are then identified. On the basis of a risk analysis, we will determine, in consultation with you, what security requirements will be implemented.


We make clear recommendations for changes to your network architecture based on a combination of the current architecture, the identified risks and the expertise of Fox-IT, including regulation expertise. It is used by Fox-IT developed principles for a reference architecture. These are the starting points for a reference architecture.

Key benefits

  • Forensic_DB
    Increase awareness

    Improve your security architecture using facts and findings, not speculation

  • Time Management_DB
    Risk Management

    Manage the maturity and risk profile of your security architecture

  • Filter 01_DB

    Make it measurable: Measure your overall IT security level

  • Data report_DB
    Detailed reporting

    A detailed report with actionable findings and recommendations

Why Fox-IT

Fox-IT understands that security is an ongoing process that should cover detection, prevention, response and intelligence. Our security specialists have a thorough understanding of these elements, gained from extensive operational experience in providing a wide variety of security services. We have a long history of incorporating threat intelligence in our way of working. This is the key characteristic throughout the services we deliver.

We track the most serious threat actors and gathering and analyze threat intelligence on a 24/7 basis. Fox-IT applies its knowledge of the latest cyber threats directly in its services and uses it to design, build and validate innovative solutions that protect against both regular and advanced persistent threats. The resulting solutions are then utilized in our ongoing operations, professional services and made available to our clients. This approach has led to the development of one of the most advanced Security Operation Centers in the world.