Our Services & Technology

Our Services & Technology

Fox-IT offers a broad range of services and technology to help organizations manage cyber security in multiple ways.

Our expertise in cyber security by in-house security research and investigation on real-life attacks is core to all of our products and services. Being in the field every day, seeing new refined attacks and understanding the context of individual findings makes us able to offer value on many levels. We offer professional services, managed services and the technology to run SOC operations to improve your security posture and on which you can operate services yourself.

Managed Security Services

Flexible managed services ranging from fully managed by Fox-IT or carrying out certain tasks with your own SOC and letting us perform other tasks.

Professional Services

To assess various aspects of your threat profile and security posture or responding to specific security issues that require specialized expertise.


Fox-IT’s technology portfolio consists of advanced tools to secure your infrastructure or operate an advanced cyber security process.

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Areas of Expertise

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    • Cyber Threat Management
    • FoxAcademy
    • High Assurance
    • Web & Mobile Event Analytics

Security Domain

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    • Detection
    • Intelligence
    • Prevention
    • Response


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    • Corporate
    • Critical Infrastructure
    • e-Commerce
    • Financial Services
    • Government and Defense
    • High-Tech & Manufacturing
    • Law firms
    • Oil & Gas industry

Managed Services

Professional Services


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