Web & Mobile Event Analytics

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Web & Mobile Event Analytics

We help financial services and e-commerce companies to fight cybercrime using threat intelligence and transaction fraud detection to protect against financial losses. Our Web and Mobile Event Analytics offers both event monitoring and threat intelligence.

Learn about trends on actors, threats and technology

Our technology scours the criminals online hangouts, and provides you with world class intelligence. It makes you know and understand the global threat landscape: peer and sector threats, geographical trends, technical trends and actor attribution. The technology visualizes, structures and indexes all possibly relevant content in its significant context.

Fox-IT’s approach may show you threats to you, your peers and your technology as they unfold in real-time. Through contextual feeds, you will not only know where the threats are, but also who’s behind it, how they do it and more, making your threat intelligennce grow every day.

Monitoring what actually happens

Our technology allows you to see everything – events, sessions, trends, anomalies, attacks and threats, all in real-time. At the same time the architecture is zero touch – no client installations, no server reengineering, no integration needed whatsoever. You get full visibility, your customers get zero delay and zero hassle, and your adversaries get nothing – they won’t know what’s detecting them.

We build up profiles and history, allow for cross channel correlation, and feature a tool set which gives you power to manage millions of events in real-time. Our technology features event and session analytics, behavioural analytics, anomaly detection, trend visualisation and clustering, visual search and case management – scaling infosec and anti-fraud processes.

The intelligence driven approach we follow is designed to be actionable. Built-in anomaly detection spots account takeovers, malware and hybrid attacks. Detects channel misuse, overlay providers, DDOS and other threats. Supports real-time mitigation through integration into SIEMs or payment processes. And is able to leverage client or server side detection already in place.