Strategy, Architecture and Implementation

We help you strengthen your cyber defenses

Strategy, Architecture and Implementation

Cyber security poses difficult questions for every organization: How much security is enough? Where should I be investing? How do I compare to my industry peers? Fox-IT can help organizations to understand the maturity of their approach to Cyber Security as it is now, as well as it should be, given the threat landscape. Our maturity assessments include technical, process and expertise points of view. We translate the results into a Cyber Security Strategy to develop the cyber security capabilities where necessary, and to guide the organization’s overall security efforts. We help prioritize the Cyber Security Roadmap to ensure that it optimally supports the business needs.

A concise cyber security strategy and corresponding roadmap are valuable tools managing long-term capability development. We have guided and supported many organizations to develop, improve and execute on these plans. Our key advantage is that we can leverage both our proprietary technology and our broad operational expertise in our recommendations and support. There are four key elements to our support:

1. We determine business risks and interests that should be managed through cyber security controls.

This ensures that security measures are in line with business strategy, goals and processes. An understanding of business risks helps us determine which data, systems and people are of particular interest to the business.

2. We assess the approach to Cyber Security and determine whether it is in line with the threat landscape and risk tolerance of the organization.

 Although we put emphasis on the technical capabilities, our assessments also focus on the softer elements, such as security strategy, processes, use of technology and approach people and expertise. We also analyze the way core functions of cyber security operations are implemented. The maturity of a company’s cyber security operations is determined and compared to an organization’s ambitions in terms of maturity and risk appetite. Based on the gap between those two, we determine and prioritize actionable recommendations.

We determine the threat landscape of the organization.

3. We translate observations and recommendations into a cyber security strategy and roadmap to guide the organization’s security efforts.

The strategy is intended to guide all security efforts in an organization and ensures that the most important or most sensitive areas are addressed. This often leads to a roadmap and advice on how to implement cyber security operations from a technology, process and people perspective to ensure a balanced and effective (i.e. not just technical) approach.

4. We guide and support implementation or improvement of cyber security operations along the roadmap.

Firstly, we can help to keep track of the implementation with regular measurements such as penetration tests and network monitoring audits. Secondly, we can guide and support by developing a SOC (Security Operations Centre) solution for our clients. Our hybrid SOC solution will instantly give an advanced cyber security operations in a managed form, while we build up capabilities internally to gradually hand over the activities that our clients want to perform in-house. Thirdly, the Fox Academy offers support by training the staff. We provide a broad range of training programs from generic Cyber Security Awareness to legal training or in-depth technical training on running in-house cyber security operations.

Which level of cyber defense suits you best and to what degree you want to implement it yourself, is worth a good conversation.