Intelligence at the core of your security

We build & develop Cyber Operations capabilities

Intelligence at the core of your security

We know that it is no longer possible for organizations to assume they can cope with the current threat landscape by employing fragmented and static solutions. To stand a fighting chance against the more advanced threats, organizations essentially need to build up (or outsource) operational capabilities in the four critical areas of intelligence, prevention, detection and response.

These four elements form the ingredients of an active defense that at its core is a continuous (optimization) process for advanced cyber security operations. It’s essentially a threat intelligence driven process with underlying technology and services that acts as an early warning system, which greatly enhances the overall posture of an organization. At the same time, it is an operational approach that not only recognizes merely known threats but also identifies, investigates and learns from new and unknown threats. When executed well, it increases the speed of translation from coverage, to intelligence and back. Our technology makes this process as seamless as possible.


Applies insights of the threat landscape to build and improve cyber resilience. Without knowing your enemies and their intent, it is impossible to protect against the threats they pose. This does not only address the technical aspects of their defense, but also the people and organizational elements. On an operational level, actionable intelligence is used to pre-empt evolving cyber threats.


Applies intelligence insights to improve resilience and to cope with threats when they reach your business. In prevention, the key is to develop a modern layered defense in accordance with the overall threat landscape, aiming to increase the odds of threat coverage, detection and remediation. This forms the basis for cyber security strategy formulation, architecture design and policy formulation.


Detection is essential for an active defense against (advanced) cyber threats. It acts as an early warning system for adversaries trying to gain access and control over your environment. From on-premise to the cloud, we help detect and track adversary activity and not just their malware. This requires an operational environment that facilitates intelligence-driven security analytics, where threat intelligence can be translated to threat coverage models, tested for effective detection and efficient deployment into the Cyber Threat Management platform.


Swiftly respond to an incident, remove the threat, and get back to business as usual. The response process gets activated when security incidents have been detected and validated through triage and initial investigation. The incident response management process depends on the severity of the incident. Most incidents will have relatively little business impact (as they are detected directly upon entry), while some could imply serious business risks, such as a large data breach, financially-related crime, espionage or even worse. These are crisis situations that require a professional emergency response & investigation process.