Engagement & Collaboration Models

We help you get a grip on your IT-security

Engagement & Collaboration Models

Many organization realize they do need to get in control of their security, but face the dilemma of having to decide between outsourcing security operations or to invest in building and running a Security Operations Center (SOC) in-house. If this is a difficult choice to make than Fox-IT’s Managed Security Services (MSS) may be right for you.

We deliver an intelligence-driven managed service that acts as an early warning system, providing constant visibility on threats (outside) and potential exploitation (inside) to help you enhance your overall security posture. Our proprietary technology also enables our customers to take-over processes of the SOC in-house when their capabilities evolve.

Our managed service helps base business decisions regarding security related investments on facts. Our continuously updated threat information means the security operation can be pro-active in dealing with those threats. We’ve found that in many cases this close collaboration evolves into a process of joint cyber capability development. We help to understand exactly what it takes to protect our clients environment, the amount of work involved, and the decisions that need to be taken. Understanding the issues, how they typically manifest themselves and how we can prevent or reduce them, is a key process and one that we embrace to develop top-end security practices. As we do this together with you, we strive to develop a security community that is constantly learning and adapting in terms of how to protect itself against the most advanced cyber attacks.


Fox-IT’s Security Operations Center provides you with detailed insights into the risks and impact of cyber threats for your organization.

Selected key benefits of our Managed Security Service are:

By making possible to outsource your Security Operations Center

From Fox-IT’s Security Operations Center (SOC), our security specialists monitor your systems and networks on a 24/7 basis. They detect and investigate cyber threats and suspicious activity, such as hacking, data leaks or virus outbreaks. When we encounter a real, validated incident – and only then –  we investigate in-depth and inform you within 15 minutes of the threat. We advise on how to best defend yourself and how to prevent such incidents in the future. By acting quickly, you not only prevent a potential crisis, but also comply to existing and new legislation on data leaks.

By supporting your Incident readiness

Our monitoring leads to incident readiness: our sensors include forensic data retention, helping ensure that you are prepared for cyber incidents. With this data at your fingertips, you can investigate breaches immediately and efficiently, instead of having to search through unstructured information spread over multiple systems. Apart from solutions for known threats, we also offer tailor made solutions for detecting yet unknown threats based on anomalies. In that manner, impact on the business from such attacks are often being prevented.

By helping you out with your own SOC

As a security partner, we also help– to make the right choices to get a grip on information security. You can use our threat intelligence, knowledge and monitoring information to define and refine the security policy and improve security measures. Or to build and improve your own SOC operations and do (part of) your monitoring yourself. Where needed we support with training to build up the knowledge and capabilities to bring operations in-house.