Our Approach

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Our Approach

In our experience cyber security needs to be managed by specialists, but in a manner which is specific and suitable for our clients. So a crucial part of our proposition consists in discovering their specific situation and needs, and only then applying the right approach and mechanisms, tailored to their needs.

We offer a complete portfolio of services to help identify threats and risks, define strategy, deploy the right technologies, develop capabilities and ensure operational readiness to enable business through security. We have the ability to address the needs at a strategic program level, at the operational project level and at all levels in between.

We use a systematic approach to plan, build and run effective Cyber Security Programs:

Cyber Security Strategy

We can guide you to develop, manage and realize the program objectives in order to achieve success and drive the business forward.

Security Architecture and Implementation

We can help build, review or test the foundation for the overall security program.

(Managed) Security Services

Our experts can serve as a remote extension of our clients security team to monitor the digital environment on a 24/7 basis.


Our proprietary intelligence driven technology can help to effectively prevent, detect, and respond rapidly to cyber attacks.

We stake this step by step, always, and grow towards the right engagement level to fit your needs. As a security partner, we help you to make the right choices to get a grip on your information security.

We build & develop Cyber Operations capabilities

Intelligence at the core of your security

We know that it is no longer possible for organizations to assume they can cope with the current threat landscape by employing fragmented and static solutions. To stand a fighting chance against the more advanced threats, organizations essentially need to build up (or outsource) operational capabilities in the four critical areas of intelligence, prevention, detection and response.

We help you strengthen your cyber defenses

Strategy, Architecture and Implementation

Cyber security poses difficult questions for every organization: How much security is enough? Where should I be investing? How do I compare to my industry peers? Fox-IT can help organizations to understand the maturity of their approach to Cyber Security as it is now, as well as it should be, given the threat landscape. Our maturity assessments include technical, process and expertise points of view. We translate the results into a Cyber Security Strategy to develop the cyber security capabilities where necessary, and to guide the organization’s overall security efforts. We help prioritize the Cyber Security Roadmap to ensure that it optimally supports the business needs.

We help you get a grip on your IT-security

Engagement & Collaboration Models

Many organization realize they do need to get in control of their security, but face the dilemma of having to decide between outsourcing security operations or to invest in building and running a Security Operations Center (SOC) in-house. If this is a difficult choice to make than Fox-IT’s Managed Security Services (MSS) may be right for you.

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