Software releases Fox DataDiode

Fox DataDiode Core 3.3.1

Fixed bug where UDP would not work on Windows Server 2019.

As of this release, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are no longer supported. The previous release (Fox DataDiode Core 3.3.0) is the last version with support for Windows Server 2008.

Fox Datadiode Appliance 3.0.3

* (critical) Fixed SMB transfers may be corrupted without any indication of errors. * Fixed transfers may fail for very large files (>250GiB).
+ Improved downstream handling of cancelled transfers.
+ Improved performance when forwarding stored transfers.
+ Improved user experience for upstream Windows Explorer clients. + Added support for Dell R340.

Critical update
Users of the SMB service should apply this update as soon as possible.
Other users affected by the changes as mentioned above should apply this update.

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