Fox-IT Update

Highlights of new CTM update

Three major updates have been released

The last quarter, 3 major updates to CTMp have been released (1.10 in September, 1.11 in November and 1.12 in January). The highlights of these updates are

  • Additional support for use of CTMp by a virtual SOC team
  • Support for sharing files via cases and questions
  • Speed and usability improvements via a step-by-step update to the vue.js framework
  • Speed improvements by optimizing bottlenecks in the backend and infrastructure components
  • 206 Bug fixes
  • 135 Improvements, many of them suggested by users, including:
    • Support for showing SMB records of the CTM Network Module
    • Added new role “Read-Only analyst”
    • Exposing CTM Network Module stats API via CTMp

The upcoming CTMp 1.13 release in February will have these key features:

  • Periodic Reporting on the analysis work in PDF format
  • External API User Management and documentation
  • Tuning page to identify alerts that trigger the most

The CTM Network Module 1.7 has been released in January. Major changes include

  • Continuous monitoring and profiling of incoming traffic
  • SMB metadata extraction
  • Increased performance, mostly by fixing load balancing issues

Please contact your account manager if you have any questions regarding this update.

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