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Rolloos and Fox-IT collaborate closely to make the international oil and gas industry digitally more secure

In 2017, Rolloos added the Fox DataDiode to its portfolio of security and communications solutions for the oil, gas & renewables industry. “This was an easy choice”, says Joost Lasschuit, managing director of the company. “Our customers want to be able to get data out of their ICSs easily and efficiently, but without the risk of malware entering their systems. We have seen many examples of attacks on these kinds of systems and a large number of them resulted in chaos at companies. The only way to deal with this is using a data diode that ensures one-way communication from an ICS to other systems in a company. When deploying a data diode it is impossible for a hacker to get malicious code into an ICS, as it will only allow one-way data traffic.”

Lasschuit points out that it is Rolloos’ mission to make the international oil and gas industry digitally safer. The company offers a wide array of solutions, including CCTV monitoring, connectivity and data analysis. “The Fox DataDiode plays a pivotal role in this mission, as it enables customers to collect data from their offshore assets in a safe way and send it to their onshore facilities for analyses and optimisation. The device sets itself apart from other data diodes through its EAL7+ certification, which is the highest in the market for security products.”

True collaboration

In addition to the stat-of-the-art technical aspects of the Fox DataDiode, Lasschuit is also very happy with the way Rolloos and the Fox DataDiode team work together on customer projects. “We are both hands-on organisations and we speak the same language. When a customer asks for a proof of concept, the Fox-IT team immediately offers help to make it a success. There is true partnership instead of only a buyer-seller relation. Furthermore, Fox-IT has an impressive installed base of data diodes and vast experience in data security. These were all important reasons for us to nominate Fox-IT as security supplier of the year 2018 at the annual Computable Awards. We were very happy to see that Fox-IT did indeed win the award!”

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