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Research graduates at TU Delft find long-term home base at Fox-IT

Researchers graduating from Delft University of Technology have always been able to find their way to the Fox-IT security firm, but the Delft-based neighbours recently expressed their intention to expand their current collaboration. From their shared perspective of ‘collaborating on a safer digital society and designing innovative solutions in cybersecurity’, TU Delft and Fox-IT have drawn up a joint research agenda. Giving researchers from TU Delft a permanent spot in the company makes it possible to work on joint research projects, using a solidly evidence-based approach, but taking a fast pace and avoiding potential obstacles and security risks.

In practice, this means that two experienced researchers from the Delft University of Technology a permanent spot at Fox-IT. They will have the opportunity to conduct research on a jointly defined project over a longer time period. In addition, they will have the chance to do more with the actual data at Fox-IT.

Closing a chapter

Michel van Eeten, professor of cybersecurity at Delft University of Technology, is enthusiastic about the collaboration. “We will be closing a chapter on the old model of graduation research. In the past, a student would work on their own personal research topic. Now it will be an ongoing research project that multiple research graduates can work on. Since the supervising academics have been thoroughly screened, they can do more with the big data that Fox-IT collects. They can clean it up and make it available to the students.”


Erik de Jong, Chief Research Officer at Fox-IT, is also happy with the closer collaboration. “Research graduates have always been welcome at our company, but it does represent a time investment in terms of supervising the students. By basically ‘embedding’ these researchers in the organisation, we decrease the workload for Fox-IT. The quality of the research projects can also improve, since the researchers are allowed to do more with the Fox-IT data. Of course protecting our clients’ data always remains top priority.”

The first students from TU Delft have already started working at the Threat Intel department at Fox-IT.

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