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Gina Doekhie of Fox-IT is now an official court-appointed expert in criminal cases.

As a result, Fox-IT is now the first Dutch commercial party permitted to independently provide digital forensic investigation services in criminal cases.

Fox-IT has announced that forensic IT expert Gina Doekhie has been added to the Netherlands Register of Court-Appointed Experts (NRGD) for criminal cases. As a result, Fox-IT has become, and for the time being remains, the only commercial organisation in the Netherlands which can contribute its expertise in digital forensic investigation to the dispensation of justice in criminal cases.

Digital forensic advice is becoming increasingly important in both civil and criminal cases. Investigations must be carried out properly in order for them to be admissible in court. This requires extremely specific know-how and the ability to identify and interpret evidence of cyber criminality quickly, effectively and accurately. The combination of expertise in the field of digital forensic investigation and in-depth knowledge of legal procedures is rare.

The Dutch Experts in Criminal Cases Act imposes requirements on the quality, reliability and expertise of such experts. This Act entered into effect on 1 January 2010, at which time the NRGD was established. Candidates who wish to be registered in the NRGD must be reviewed by a committee of objective international experts. Gina’s objective accreditation as a registered expert constitutes legal recognition of her expertise. The title ‘court-appointed expert’ has been awarded to her personally, and thus enables Gina – and Fox-IT – to contribute her expertise to further the public interest.

With Gina Doekhie, Steffen Moorrees & Ivo Pooters, Fox-IT now has three court-appointed experts in civil cases in house. Thanks to her registration, the courts can now appoint Gina to serve as an expert in criminal cases. The registration in the NGRD means that Fox-IT is the first commercial organisation in the Netherlands which can contribute its expertise in criminal cases.

Doekhie has the following to say about her status as a court-appointed expert in criminal cases: ‘This is an important step towards contributing to the penalisation of digital criminality. Thanks to this registration, I can use my expertise to help courts arrive at their verdicts. Given the growing complexity and scope of cyber criminality, I hope I can make meaningful contributions in this regard.’

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