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Free a Girl and Fox-IT work together on ‘a more secure society’

At first glance it seems an unlikely collaboration; aid organization Free a Girl and IT security company Fox-IT. Yet the fight against online crime and the fight against child prostitution have a common ground, with both parties believing in a better world and ‘a more secure society.’ That is why the two organizations are now starting a partnership.

Fox-IT has been working for a digitally safe society for almost 20 years and does this in various ways, including the sharing of knowledge by cyber security experts through the form of presentations and guest lectures.


From now on, Fox-IT will donate all fees that come from presentations and guest lectures to the Free a Girl charity. Free a Girl is committed to freeing young girls from forced prostitution and convicting perpetrators. Over the past 9 years, they have liberated more than 4,000 girls from brothels in Asia and South America and have developed various other initiatives to help the freed girls rebuild their lives. The rescue operations that Free a Girl performs are costly and donations are desperately needed.

Free a girl

The foundation invests in care, trauma processing, medical care, education and vocational training and reintegration of the victims. They work closely with the police and judiciary to arrest and convict human traffickers.

To achieve this, Free a Girl offers financial support to local organizations where their added value is greatest. They support partner organizations in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, Brazil and the Netherlands (Free a Girl, 2018).

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Questions on the cooperation between Fox-IT and Free a Girl? Contact us via this page. More information about Free a Girl can be found on their website.

Donations can be made via Fox-IT’s promotion page on the website of Free a Girl.

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