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Fox-IT partner Logitek puts cybersecurity on the agenda in Spain

The Spanish Real Time Management and OT Cybersecurity specialist Logitek has been a Fox-IT partner since 2014, with a focus on delivering and implementing the Fox DataDiode for a wide variety of customers.


“We have more than 40 years of experience in offering technology solutions and operational consulting, associated with industrial environments, infrastructures and smart cities”, says Fernando Sevillano, Director of Technology at Logitek. “We advise the industry and the infrastructure market to optimally manage their data and information in real time. This requires extensive knowledge and expertise as well as selecting the right partners.”

 “When selecting partners for our security practice, we only choose the best in their class,” says Sevillano. “That is why we selected the Fox DataDiode for our customers who need the highest levels of security. The Fox DataDiode is the only true data diode on the market, with the highest certifications possible. The EAL7+ certification, though not obligatory for all of our clients, is an interesting differentiator compared to all of Fox-IT’s competitors.”

True one-way traffic

Recently, Logitek has been especially successful in the aerospace and nuclear powerplant industry. It also experienced an increase in customers in the pharmaceutical industry, where protecting intellectual property is as important as in aerospace. Sevillano: “In order to guarantee maximum security and strict one-way traffic, one needs the Fox Datadiode. It is the only device that offers guaranteed one-way traffic. In addition, whenever we run into issues at the customer site, we can always ask the experts at Fox-IT for help.”

Continuous improvement

Being in the forefront of cybersecurity, Logitek works hard on convincing critical industries to continuously invest in digital protection. Sevillano: “Industrial cybersecurity is a discipline that needs to be implemented using continuous improvement methodologies. One can start by applying simple countermeasures and procedures to give installations better protection than existed initially and then increase infrastructure protection depth over time.”

“We know there are many and varied problems associated with the lack of fortification of industrial environments and the protection of critical infrastructures,” Sevillano continues. “Therefore, companies need to work with partners who combine the right expertise with the right solutions such as the Fox DataDiode.”

Fox-IT is present at the MATcongress organized by Logitek.

Partner network

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