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Fox-IT (part of NCC Group) wins MDR deal worth over EUR 25m to secure University systems across the Netherlands

Fox-IT (part of NCC Group) has today announced a partnership with SURF, the IT cooperative for education and research across the Netherlands, to provide 24/7 security incident and event management (SIEM and SOC) services over the next five years.

NCC Group’s Fox-IT specialist team in Delft will provide the 24/7 security incident and event management (SIEM) and SOC services in support of SURFsoc, a new security operations services launched by SURF. SURFsoc is dedicated to securing and continuously monitoring the systems of all its member institutions.

With the help of the Fox-IT team, SURFsoc will also provide universities and other educational institutions with access to ongoing security expertise and threat management, while up-to-date threat intelligence-gathering will enable greater collaboration between institutions and allow the SURF team to notify members of new threats.

The launch of SURF’s new security operations centre was expedited by the ransomware attack on Maastricht University over Christmas 2019, which led to a loss of access to university systems and backups. Twenty-three universities have already signed up with more already showing interest.

With an integrated, collaborative alert system, and ongoing monitoring, SURFsoc aims to provide institutions with the knowledge they need to build stronger defences and quickly respond to evolving threats.

Inge Bryan, managing director for NCC Group in Europe, said: “SURFsoc is a forward-thinking example of how industry-wide bodies, individual institutions and security teams can work together to improve the resilience of entire sectors and we are proud to be providing our expert services in support of this mission.

“This combination of ongoing knowledge-sharing and 24/7 threat intelligence-gathering is a model that will not only increase the resilience of individual educational institutions but will be at the forefront of educational security around the world in the years to come.”

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