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Fox-IT part of Dutch cybersecurity sector organisation

New sector organisation Cyberveilig Nederland aims to improve digital resilience of society

Eight cybersecurity service providers take the lead in establishing the Dutch sector organisation for cybersecurity: Cyberveilig Nederland. The objective of the organisation is to boost the digital resilience of the Netherlands and increase quality and transparency within the growing cybersecurity sector. Computest, Fox-IT, Guardian360, Hoffmann, Motiv, Northwave, QSight IT and Zerocopter have signed an agreement to that effect and are inviting other service providers in the sector to join the initiative.

97.1% of the Dutch population has internet access. That puts the Netherlands at the forefront of the digital transformation in Europe. Increasing digitalisation is accompanied by major economic and societal opportunities. Continued confidence in our information and information systems is vital in order to take advantage of those opportunities. This means that a stronger focus on cybersecurity is not a luxury, but a vital necessity.

Quality in the cybersecurity sector

Major cyber attacks like WanaCry and notPetya last year contributed to a harsh wake-up call regarding the digital vulnerability of Dutch organisations. Partly in response to that, the initiators of Cyberveilig Nederland are also seeing a surge in demand for cybersecurity services. However, there is a lack of transparency and guaranteed quality – both of which are crucial aspects in ensuring confidence in the sector.

“Organisations can now choose from lots of different information security services and have a hard time figuring out how to make a good selection,” says Aksel Dorèl, Managing Director at Motiv. “It’s also a challenge to accurately assess the price-quality ratio. Consequently, it is more than vital for our sector to offer more transparency and work together to develop good guarantees of quality.”

Utilising knowledge and expertise in the public cybersecurity debate

In order to contribute to a digitally safer society, Cyberveilig Nederland wants to meet up with government representatives, such as the National Cybersecurity Centre. “With this initiative, we will be representing the sector completely directly for the first time, rather than indirectly, as is currently the case for the various platforms and interest groups,” says Steven Dondorp, Managing Director at Northwave. “Obviously, we will be seeking to cooperate with other sector organisations as much as possible. For example, we are exploring options with FME to work together on continuing to strengthen the technology industry and improve cybersecurity.”

Leadership of Cyberveilig Nederland

The eight initiators are certain that various suppliers will join Cyberveilig Nederland within the near future. Cyberveilig Nederland will be headed by Petra Oldengarm, who was Cybersecurity Director at Hoffman until very recently and has been working in information security for years. She will be supported by Liesbeth Holtermann, previously a cybersecurity advocate for ICT and technology interest groups, with years of experience working for the government in the security domain.


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