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Fox-IT nominated for safer Oil & Gas Industry

Delft, June 26th 2018

IT magazine Computable has nominated Fox-IT and it’s Fox DataDiode as one of the contenders for the security supplier of the year award. The nomination is based on: the distinctive character of the company; cyber security, coupled with the fact that the product is the decisive factor in securing the digital domain of the Oil & Gas industry.

Fox-IT partner Rolloos motivates why they entered the Fox DataDiode for the award as follows;

Fox-IT helps Rolloos to make the Oil & gas industry digitally safer. To achieve this goal they include the Fox DataDiode, a high end security product, in their offering. Because of this partnership Rolloos is able to offer top of the line security products to its customers.

This was reason enough for the jury of the Computable Awards 2018 to nominate Fox-IT in the category Security supplier of the Year.

The One-Way network connection enforced by the Fox DataDiode offers the highest level of security certification available.  It prevents unwanted access to business networks and critical systems, without obstructing free flow of information. Understandably cyber security now plays a central role within the mission critical applications in offshore and onshore installations. With the Fox DataDiode they are able to offer an integrated solution.

Fox-IT delivers high assurance-products and services to sectors and industry that need the best security available, such as governments and industrial critical infrastructures. Fox-IT has more than fifteen years in developing security solutions for critical environments such as classified government systems, critical infrastructure networks and highly confidential data. The demand from organizations in the critical infrastructure sector for high-end security solutions is increasing. Think of the Electricity and Oil & Gas industry, but also organizations with Industrial Control Systems. More and more these companies turn to Fox-IT for strategic security advise.

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