This is what you need to watch out for when ordering from a Chinese web shop

Using websites like AliExpress, it’s easy to order a phone case, webcam or toy at minimal expense. But you could be risking your privacy, Maarten van Dantzig of Fox-IT tells RTL Z.

Van Dantzig warns against ordering electronics from China. Even though it often seems to be cheaper, the saying still applies: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. “It is entirely possible that there are apps on those cheap devices that send your data to Chinese servers in order to use it or resell it,” he says.

Fox-IT: Choose reliable manufacturers

Van Dantzig also urges people to be very careful with IoT devices for in the house. “They often have the same passwords and user names, so criminals can easily hack them, for instance to carry out DDoS attacks with them.” Ideally, you should buy a phone from an approved manufacturer and avoid connecting IoT devices to the internet, the security expert advises.

Maarten van Dantzig

Lead Intelligence Analyst at Fox-IT
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