The Remote Working Quiz

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), great numbers of employees have resorted to working from home, causing a direct surge in cybercrime-related activities worldwide. In order to contribute toward a more secure society, Fox-IT aims to make remote workers more aware of the related cyber risks. Thus, we present: ‘The Remote Working Quiz’.


The Remote Working Quiz

For a more secure society with The Remote Working Quiz*

  • Create and stimulate awareness surrounding cyber security for all employees working remotely
  • Content in line with current events, ready-to-play and accessible
  • Strenghtens employer-employee involvement

The goal of The Remote Work Quiz players is to correctly answer fifteen questions regarding secure remote work in a row. Did you give an incorrect answer, or did you take too long to give your answer? Then it’s game over and back to start. You may use three separate lifelines to help you finish the quiz. The Remote Working Quiz can be played – from your home – on a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone.

All content has been developed by Fox-IT’s experts.

*This temporary product is available at discounted prices until 1 june 2020


Leaflet - The Remote Working Quiz

  • Publication date:April 1, 2020
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