Smart devices present attractive targets for thieves

More and more devices in and around the home can be operated remotely, like your thermostat and lights. Your car opens automatically when you approach the vehicle with the key in your pocket. Technology offers more convenience, but is not without its dangers, warns Sanne Maasakkers, security expert at Fox-IT.

How could a hacker benefit from knowing what temperature your home thermostat is set to? Not at all, but by looking at when you turn your heating on and off, he can make a reasonably accurate assessment of when you’ll be home. That makes it easier for thieves to strike. “Devices that are linked to the internet and can be operated remotely should be kept secure. If you can access it, other people might be able to as well,” Maasakkers warns.

Fox-IT: Protect yourself from danger with IoT

The same applies to smart car keys that unlock your vehicle using a radio signal, so you no longer have to remove it from your pocket to open your car. “Really convenient when your hands are full of groceries.” But that signal can be intercepted, giving thieves access to your car even if they don’t have your key.

Sanne Maasakkers

Security Specialist
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