Precautionary measures Covid-19

At Fox-IT we also follow the development around the outbreak of the Corona virus closely. We have taken the required and appropriate precautionary measures to make sure we contribute in stopping the virus from spreading even further as much as possible .

Fox-IT, as part of NCC Group, has 1,800 colleagues located around the world and to protect our colleagues, customers, and partners, we activated our business continuity in February.

As of 22 March 2020, here’s an overview of what we are doing:

We continue to review the best course of action following guidance from both the World Health Organisation and relevant government authorities where we operate.

All non-essential travel has been stopped and while some offices remain open (subject to local authority guidance) should colleagues need or want access – the priority is the safety of our whole communities at this time.

With the investments we’ve made over the past couple of years in global operating systems, communication and collaboration tools we have been able to quickly work together as one firm, remotely. Hear more from our Global CISO, Dominic Beecher on how we did this.

Business continuity

Our Executive Support Team meet on a daily basis and are supported with regional/country/business Incident Commanders and local Incident Managers.

We continue to track colleagues who are having to go into self-isolation and follow the results of any tests to enable to support local community containment efforts.

We have fully tested our remote capability and continue to monitor our remote performance to ensure there is no disruption to our services.

Procedures in place to support containment of COVID-19

  • Returned from a high risk area?
    • Follow latest guidance on self-isolation and must not go into a NCC Group office or customer site
    • Health monitored by individual during the self-isolation period and if symptoms develop, we would work closely with local health authorities and take action to notify anyone that had been in close contact
  • Feeling unwell with symptoms of COVID-19?
    • Individual is requested to contact someone immediately (we have an escalation route to ensure they can easily tell someone – including a global 24/7 number for colleagues)
    • Self-isolation and instructions they must not go into a NCC Group office or customer site
    • Precautions taken and alerts to any close contacts, working closely with local health authority requirements (including customers if relevant)
  • Is there a suspected infection?
    • We are prepared to fully close any NCC Group office to prevent further spread and we are preparing for services to be delivered remotely if required to continue to support customers
    • We would work closely with local health authorities on any other requirements.


We continue to work with our current customers to understand where we can transfer on-site delivery to remote delivery, while maintaining the best level of support.  We are also advising our teams that, where suitable, hold client discussions and business development activities using secure video.

Customers should contact their NCC Group Account Manager to discuss any individual questions relating to our response to COVID-19.

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Updating your business resilience plan

Maintaining operational resilience in the midst of COVID-19


  • Publication date:March 10, 2020
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