Israel is aware of cyber threat and allows itself a lot

Israel is the number two worldwide when it comes to investing in the cyber industry. In 2018 the total investment in cyber was 1.04 billion, a rise of 47 percent compared to 2017 reports NRC. Last year the country counted 450 cyber security companies. How did Israel become such a cyber superpower? According to Fox-IT’s Chief Security Expert Frank Groenewegen is this because everyone in Israel is aware of threats, both physical and digital. “The notion that they are surrounded by danger, it is in their DNA”, says Groenewegen.

Furthermore NRC explains that the Israeli army has special cyber units, which have annually a lot of new and talented accretion. The most famous unit is the 8200 unit. The 8200 unit was co-responsible for the development of the Stuxnet virus, which partly destroyed an Iranian nuclear power plant. “The Israeli are really advanced – or really dangerous, depending on your perspective”, says Groenewegen to NRC.  The big success of the Israeli cyber industry lies with the army and the intelligence services in the country. Former cyber unit members set up small cyber businesses, in which American investors put a lot of money. This week Symantec, one the biggest cyber companies in the US, has taken over two Israeli cyber security companies.

Frank Groenewegen

Chief Security Expert
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