How do you recognise a fake webshop?

You see them a lot these days, especially on Instagram: ads showing clothing, gadgets and other interesting products. The goal of the advertisers is to persuade you to buy something in their webshop. But can consumers know if a webshop is trustworthy or if it is a fake webshop? Sanne Maasakkers, Cyber Security Expert at Fox-IT, went on air on FunX radio to provide 7 tips to recognise a bogus webshop.

  1. The website copy contains spelling and/or grammar mistakes
  2. The green lock is missing in the address bar of the browser
  3. The website name and the website address do not correspond
  4. The website lacks reviews or shows poor reviews in Google
  5. The webshop does not show any contact details and it is not clear who the owner is
  6. The webshop is mentioned on the list of the police that includes reported bogus ecommerce sites (
  7. It just does not feel right. Because the price is just to be good to be true, for example.

According to Sanne, the same tips apply to International webshops. After all, the criminals behind the bogus Dutch webshops are not necessarily Dutch.

Sanne’s advice for people who have been swindled: notify the police immediately and – if necessary – inform your bank or credit card provider to minimise the potential financial damage.

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