How do the costs of cyber incidents affect M&A?

People looking to invest in companies that rely heavily on intellectual property or personal data, or enterprises that play a key role in their value chain, have to put security at the top of their agenda. Romano Herrie, security expert on mergers, acquisitions and private equity, advocated that priority at Fox-IT at the M&A platform.

Not every company hit by cybercrime faces major financial consequences as a result. Incidents could vary widely in scope and severity, Herrie writes. His conclusions are based on research done by Fox-IT shareholder NCC Group. Financial damages due to indirect consequences can be significant, especially if organisations are a crucial link in a value chain. Cybersecurity and privacy are increasingly important to virtually every organisation in the world.

Fox-IT: “Cybersecurity should be high priority for investors”

Organisations where major financial gains are possible are at a higher risk of falling prey to a cyber attack. Investors in these companies should be aware that digital risks could have a major impact on the financial success of their investment. That’s why Herrie believes that cybersecurity should be a strategic priority for investors. This aspect should be a standard feature of due diligence, and also and more importantly of post-acquisition planning.

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