Growing partnership between Russian intelligence agency and cyber criminals

Last thursday a report on the research on Russian interference during the United States’ elections in 2016 was published. In response to the disclosure of the report 60 Minutes made an episode about the growing partnership between the Russian intelligence agency and cyber criminals.

 During an interview with 60 Minutes Fox-IT’s Principal Security Expert Michael Sandee tells about how he discovered one of these partnerships in 2013. The collaboration between the intelligence agency and one of the most dangerous cyber criminals in the world, Evgeniy Bogachev.

Bogachev is one of the FBI’s most wanted and the brain behind the GameOver Zeus malware.

Fox-IT and U.S. security company Crowdstrike, in collaboration with the FBI, presented their joint research on GameOver Zeus at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas on August 5, 2015. GameOver Zeus is considered by many to be the most successful cybercrime group to date. In a joint investigation over multiple years, the FBI, with the help of Fox-IT’s InTELL team and others, rendered GameOver Zeus ineffective and identified Evgeniy Bogachev. The results of the research are described in the whitepaper ‘GameOver Zeus – Backgrounds on the Badguys and the Backends’.

Michael Sandee

Principal Security Expert

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