Global alliance in the fight against cybercrime

United States Department of Justice

In November 2018, the US Department of Justice submitted a complaint against eight people suspected of online advertising fraud. They are being charged with such crimes as transaction fraud, hacking into computer systems, extensive identity theft and money laundering. The DoJ managed to uncover these practices with the aid of global partners from the business community, including Fox-IT.

The US federal court gave permission to the FBI to seize 31 internet domains, as well as information from 89 servers that were part of an infrastructure of botnets that were used in these online advertising fraud practices. The FBI collaborated with global partners from the business community to reroute internet traffic to these domains (also called ‘sinkholing’) in order to disrupt and dismantle these botnets.

Fox-IT is part of a global security alliance

The collaboration with global partners was considered highly valuable by the US Justice Department. “This investigation has shown that global public-private partnership works, and it affirms the need to share information between different organisations. Criminals, especially the ones operating online, will not be stopped by national borders, so it is crucial that special and intelligence units work together to reach our joint goal: protecting citizens,” as Commissioner O’Neill of the New York Police Department stated.

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