Fox-IT belongs to Dutch sector organisation for cybersecurity

Fox-IT is one of the participating parties in the new sector organisation for cybersecurity: Cyberveilig Nederland. The sector organisation aims to improve security in the business sector by providing a quality label, code of conduct and risk profiles.

Following a number of major cyber attacks, the initiators of Cyberveilig Nederland have noticed a surge in market demand for services related to cybersecurity. However, there is a lack of transparency and guaranteed quality in such services – precisely the crucial aspects that ensure confidence in the sector.

Fox-IT: Cybersecurity is a vital necessity, not a luxury

In order to contribute to a digitally safer society, Cyberveilig Nederland wants to meet up with government representatives, such as the National Cybersecurity Centre. A broad support base in society is key to achieving continued confidence in information and systems from the sector. This means that a stronger focus on cybersecurity is not a luxury, but a vital necessity.

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