Dutch companies should put more thought into who they’re protecting themselves from

Dutch organisations are justifiably concerned about Chinese corporate espionage. Embarrassment often prevents people from communicating about a company hack – even though that information could often be very educational for other organisations. “Companies should also do penetration tests more often to see where their cybersecurity could be improved.”

Dutch companies are becoming increasingly concerned about Chinese corporate espionage. In the 12 November broadcast of De Nieuws BV on NPO Radio 1, Fox-IT’s Chief Security Expert Frank Groenewegen said that companies are right to be concerned. “We do a lot of investigating for victims of cyber and economic espionage. In that context, we do in fact encounter Chinese involvement, which seems to focus on acquiring intellectual property and gaining a competitive edge.”

Fox-IT identifies Chinese in determining hacker origins

Fox-IT investigates hacks at affected organisations to determine where an attack is coming from. Frank Groenewegen: “That’s how we saw that the malware that hackers used to access the company network still contained Chinese characters. We were also able to see that the browser they used was set to display in Chinese. Finally, the hackers launched their attack around the start of the Chinese workday.”

Patrick Lodiers, the host of De Nieuws BV, asked Groenewegen during the show whether Dutch companies know enough to protect themselves effectively against these types of attacks. “It’s important for companies to put some thought into who they’re trying to protect themselves from, and familiarise themselves with the knowledge and resources that those attackers would be able to access,” says the Fox-IT security expert. “Companies should commission sophisticated tests several times a year using the same technology that official Chinese hackers would use. Only then will you have a good impression of where the improvements are and how quickly you can respond.”

Frank Groenewegen

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