Digital transformation in the cybersecurity market

In the appendix to Het Financieele Dagblad, Fox-IT’s Managing Director Erik Ploegmakers shares his vision on digital transformation and its consequences for the cybersecurity market.

Digital transformation brings a change of business structures where IT increasingly focuses on services and subscriptions. Online success no longer requires technical expertise.

Fox-IT: ‘Everyone can do business on the digital highway. We just have to guarantee that the highway is safe.”

Companies no longer have their own storage and IT and have their data in the cloud. Security therefore goes from technical security to control on data, identities and ‘things’. Cyber ​​security companies no longer have to understand how packets are transmitted over the internet, but need to understand how a cloud infrastructure works. That is new for the cybersecurity industry.

Erik Ploegmakers

Managing Director
  • Publication date:February 28, 2019
  • Source:Het Financieele Dagblad - Appendix Incidenteel
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