DataDiodes is the only device with valid CC EAL7+ certification

Fox-IT has received the Common Criteria Certification at EAL 7+ level for its Fox Ruggedized 1G and 10G DataDiodes, reports the Dutch IT Channel. These hardware components can be used to create a guaranteed one-way network connection, which ensures that outside traffic (and external attacks) will not be able to get onto the network.

“DataDiodes enable us to help organisations, particularly in the area of national defence and critical infrastructure, to achieve optimal security for their networks. With a DataDiode, they ensure that state and company secrets are properly protected on their network and that critical systems cannot be manipulated through online attacks,” says Peter Geijtenbeek, International Sales Director at Fox-IT.

Fox-IT achieves EAL7+ Common Criteria Security Certification

Common Criteria is an internationally recognised set of security standards used by the government and other organisations to assess the security of tech products. Within that context, EAL represents the scope and intensity of the evaluation. It allows clients to rest assured that products certified up to a specific level meet the security requirements associated with that level.

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