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Cybercrime in the construction sector

Rene Ouwehand spoke to Cobouw about cybersecurity in the construction sector. The potential risks of cybercrime in the construction industry are high. Nevertheless, cyber security does not seem to be on the agenda of construction companies.  

The focus in construction is of course on the renovation and realisation of physical things such as buildings, tunnels and bridges. In the run-up to and preparation of a project, tenders, quotations and calculations are made on a computer. The question is what information you share, and with whom. What for some construction workers seems like a simple construction drawing, can be valuable information for a malicious actor. It all depends on the object you are working on. But prevention is better than cure when it comes to information sharing”, says Ouwehand.

There are several actors that construction companies must take into account. Competitors can be looking for information that gives them a competitive advantage. Also, governments can be involved in espionage, for example to collect information about critical infrastructures. And then there are cyber criminals who steal assets or data in order to trade them, or even extort companies.

There is no such thing as a hundred percent secure, but cybersecurity starts with consciousness of vulnerabilities and risks. That’s why it’s good that the Ministry of Economic Affairs has started setting up a  Digital Trust Centre this year. However, security starts at the construction company itself.

Rene Ouwehand

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