Cyber security standards are needed for safe use of technology

Huawei has opened a cybersecurity transparency center in Brussels. At this center customers, supervisors, media, and other stakeholders can check and test the source code of their Huawei technology. The transparency around the source code is a step forward in this specific case. The question unanswered remains, is the source code which is now public the same code as used as in the sold products?   

There is a lot to improve when it comes to cyber security to ensure the safety of the hard- and software that consumers and organizations buy.

According to various technology companies, including Huawei, there be should European norms to ensure the safety of IT solutions. The European Cyber Security Act, which was approved by the European Parliament on March 13 2019, is a promising development.

Fox-IT: ‘Experts should independently investigate the integrity and safety of hard- and software instead of blindly rely on a norm.’

Besides introducing such security standards, maintaining them is crucial. The cyber security sector could learn a lot from other sectors. These sectors, like aviation, food and the automobile industry are miles ahead. There are clear rules and regulations surrounding security and authorities and independent experts constantly test and check compliance with these rules and regulations.

Frank Groenewegen

Chief Security Expert
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