Arrest made after successful collaboration between police, bank and telecom providers.

On March 18th 2019 three people died and five people got injured during a shooting in Utrecht. In Nieuwsuur Fox-ITs Chief Security Expert Frank Groenewegen comments on the investigation process. The police managed to make an arrest because of a digital bank transfer on a cellphone.

During the investigation three parties were important says Groenewegen. These parties are the police, banks and telecom providers. “There is the police who gives banks information about the fugitive. On that the police asks fugitives bank to monitor his account. When there is activity on the concerned account the technical information, like an IP-address, is shared with the police. Thereafter the police can investigate to which telecom provider the activity belongs. Then it becomes clear to who the device belongs and on which address it is registered. Combined with the live location of the the device, which is near the address, there is enough cause to make an entry.”

Fox-IT: “This a great example of good investigation work. It shows that when all the parties involved have different pieces of the puzzle and work together that we can achieve success.      

Groenewegen emphasizes that police is not allowed to just monitor bank accounts. “The police has authorizations and when she wants to use these there is permission needed from a public prosecutor or in some cases even from a Judge Commissioner. So it is important that involved parties work together closely and are well informed to ensure efficient and effective monitoring. If this process goes nice and smooth, a fugitive can be arrested quickly.”

Frank Groenewegen

Chief Security Expert
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