AIVD: China hacking in the Netherlands, stealing sensitive information

The Chinese secret service is involved in hacking government agencies and companies in the Netherlands. The AIVD holds APT10, a hacker group linked to the Chinese Ministry of State Security, responsible for hacking attempts in a number of Western countries, including the Netherlands. 

The British government accused APT10 of ‘a malicious cyber campaign’ to obtain sensitive commercial information in Europe, Asia and the US. The US has previously prosecuted two alleged APT10 members who had targeted space organisation NASA with hack attempts.

Frank Groenewegen, Chief Security Expert, confirms in conversation with RTL news that APT10 is visible in Fox-IT’s own investigations. ‘’There are certainly victims of this group in the Netherlands. They are looking for patents and intellectual property. Technology and information that will give them an economic edge in the future. Whichever company has a head start in a certain market, they could be targeted. If the Chinese are interested, they will hack to eventually steal all sensitive and secret data.’’

Chinese hackers typically focus on large IT service providers. Throught the networks of the IT service providers, they try to reach the real targets. ‘’Via an IT service providers, you can access all the files and data of their customers’’, says Groenewegen.

Frank Groenewegen

Chief Security Expert
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