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A good information position can prevent a lot of misery

The interview takes place the day after the Military Intelligence and Security (MIS) publishes about the foiled attempt to hack the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague.

Fox-IT: ”The MIVD has done a fine job, catching the Russian cybercriminals red-handedly requires a highly professional approach. This incident demonstrates that a good intelligence position can prevent a lot of misery. But right now, organisations are mainly investing in prevention when it comes to cyber security. To make the ‘fence’ around the company even higher, the ‘wall’ even thicker and the firewall even stronger. But that is no longer enough, as demonstrated by the MIS success.”’.

A good intelligence position helps to identify threats as quickly as possible and to choose the right response based on their nature, with the actions of the MIS as a good example. The intelligence service kept an eye on the Russians and could find out what they were going to do. When they were about to break into the network, the MIS intervened. Fox-IT uses a similar approach to cyber security: building up an information position (intelligence), prevention, detection and response. That is why the company has bundled these services as Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

Another important lesson is that security is not only about technology, but also about behaviour and processes. Currently, this awareness is still insufficiently present in many organisations. They need to realise that prevention is not enough to keep cyber attackers out. Good detection and response are just as important.

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