5G Supply chain is vulnerable

Minister Grapperhaus informed the House that he imposed additional measures on telecom providers when building the 5G network. Frank Groenewegen, Cyber Security Expert at Fox-IT, confirms to the NOS the attractiveness of infiltration of the 5G supply chain for hackers and how telecom providers should deal with this vulnerability.

Hackers operating on behalf of countries are increasingly trying to gain access to the hardware and software of equipment sold by network suppliers. This allows them to infiltrate the organisation where the equipment will be installed. “This is the second largest threat to 5G, after hackers attacking the telco provider themselves,” confirms Frank. “The Americans and the British also warn against this.”

One of the measures is that extra strict requirements are imposed on parties that supply equipment for the ‘critical parts’ of the telecom network. Frank indicates that telecom providers will have to take a broader look at how a particular supplier has access to what when they start working with them. They should not only think about the hardware and software, but also about people, for example the individuals who have access to the data centre.

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