It has been a year since the GDPR came into force. Campaigns in all sort and…

  • Location:Stadion Feyenoord
  • Date:May 22, 2019

It has been a year since the GDPR came into force. Campaigns in all sort and sizes found their way to our inboxes. Now it is time to review the lessons learned and to look at the coming challenges.

In collaboration with Fox-IT, Marsh JLT Specialty and Ten Holter Noordam advocaten we invite you to our cyber risk event on May 23 at the Kuip in Rotterdam to look back on the past year and forward on the coming years. What has changed, what are the pitfalls, and when and how do you report a data breach? These are the questions we will answer from different angles. Marsh JLT Specialty – risk & insurance, Fox-IT – cyber security and Ten Holter Noordam advocaten – legal.

Bring your colleagues!

Of course we will look at how to reduce your cyber risks. We believe that cyber risk management concerns the whole organization and that is why we strongly advise to bring your colleagues from legal/risk insurance and IT. In this way you and your organisation will optimally profit from the workshops.


13:30 – 14:00: Welcome

14:00 – 14:15: Introduction by Joris van Benthem, Corporate lawyer at Feyenoord

14:15 – 14:50: Plenary session with case cyber risico’s & datalekken

15:00 – 15:50: Workshops

15:50 – 16:10: Break

16:10 – 17:00: Workshops

17:00 – 18:00: Closure with drinks

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