Where are the bounds when it comes to collecting intel, espionage, sabotage and war?

  • Location:Club Worm, Rotterdam
  • Date:May 13, 2019

“The Netherlands are at cyber war with the Russians”, said Minister of Defense Ank Bijleveld when the Dutch military intelligence service (MIVD) prevented that Russians succeeded in hacking the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

It is not really a cyber war, but more like cyber espionage. Just like the AIVD did by following the Russians using a hacked CCTV. The Chinese, British, Israelis and Americans are known for espionage. Well, basically every country does it… But where are the bounds when it comes to collecting intel, espionage, sabotage and war? And what can we do to protect us from it? Why does the Dutch Government ban Huawei and Kaspersky, but not American and British tech companies?

About Hacktalk

Hack Talk is a new talk show about cyber security. What unexpected possibilities does information technology have? Who has leaked information now? What kind of new laws are coming? And how can we make the internet safer together? At Hack Talk we discuss current events in cyber security every second Tuesday of the month: critical of what goes wrong and attention to what goes well. Hack Talk is organized and presented by Chris van’t Hof from Tek Tok  in Club Worm, the Institute for Avant-garde Recreation in Rotterdam. They are responsible for the technology, music, images, registration and recruitment of performers. We work together with the hacker community to get topics, demos, acts and other fun things on stage. Access is free Made possible by the support by an organization that, just like us, likes to share knowledge about cyber security. Sponsors are mentioned and thanked per program, but do not have any influence on the programming. The content is determined by the presenter in consultation with his guests and audience.

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