Why a ruggedized version of the data diode is a good idea

Data diodes help companies of all shapes and sizes to create a secure network through network segregation. It is one of the most effective ways of ensuring your organization’s data cannot fall into the wrong hands, because a data diode creates a unidirectional data flow – something other security solutions such as physical isolation of the network, gateways and firewalls cannot achieve on their own.

But what if you are dealing with organizations with highly critical assets, such as the military, nuclear power plants or other governmental organizations? These organizations are often active in environments that deal with dust, dirt, an increase or a drop in temperature, turbulence and other challenging circumstances. That’s where a ruggedized data diode comes in, a data diode that provides the same optimal network security as a regular data diode, in a heavy-duty edition.

What is a ruggedized data diode?

The ruggedized data diode functions exactly the same as a regular data diode, except it is able to operate in challenging environments. It has been complemented with added characteristics such as a redundant power supply, the ability to operate in extreme temperature and humidity environments and is shock, vibration and electrical interference resistant. In other words, it is designed to operate under harsh and extreme conditions.

This is the ideal solution to replace the enforced physical network isolation method such as an air gap, which has long been the go-to solution of many data-critical organizations. The ruggedized data diode is able to handle large data volumes in real time, effectively – and safely – enabling the transfer of big volumes of live data at high speeds. The ruggedized data diode enables organizations to secure their environments with a modern solution that makes sure state and company secrets are secure and that critical systems cannot be manipulated or hacked.

Key USPs of the ruggedized data diode

  • Rugged coated steel and anodized aluminum casing
  • Extended temperature and humidity range
  • Tempest level-A compliant by default
  • High-voltage resistant
  • Shock and vibration resistant: Truck, Rail, Air
  • Redundant power supply

Learn more about the ruggedized data diode

Fox-IT has introduced a 1G and 10G edition of its ruggedized DataDiode. Find out which one of these DataDiodes is best suited for deploying in your organization. Download the 1G and 10 G DataSheets.

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