Four reasons for becoming a Fox DataDiode partner

Around the world, over forty especially selected partners work with Fox-IT to deliver, install and maintain the Fox DataDiode, the leading solution to ensure a one-way network connection. We are extremely proud of this global network of partners who enable their clients to safeguard their most valuable digital assets. Why do these companies work with us? That question is easy to answer. Here are four important reasons (which are also applicable for security specialists that are considering a partnership with us):

  1. The Fox DataDiode offers the best uni-directional network security in the world. Our solution has been awarded the highest possible certification of the Common Criteria scheme: EAL7+. We received this certification after our solution underwent and passed the most rigorous testing of IT security aspects. The Common Criteria is widely regarded as the international golden standard for high-assurance certifications.
  2. We offer our partners optimum, worldwide technical support. We provide sales and pre-sales training, practical support with the installation of a data diode, as well as a low-cost partner kit that contains a Fox DataDiode, all the necessary servers, software and tools so they can offer customized demos or proof of concepts to their customers.
  3. Our partners receive maximum marketing collaboration. We support partners in getting the right leads, offer special discounts, help them with events and seminars and provide them with all the necessary collateral to boost sales of the Fox DataDiode in their markets.
  4. We provide partners with effective sales support with a straightforward pricing model, a comprehensive list of FAQs and a clear doing business guide, helping them create a sound business opportunity.

In return, we expect our partners to actively promote our products and timely renew subscriptions for their customers. In addition, they need to invest both time and effort in keeping their knowledge up-to-date through training, which includes in having at least two fully trained technical employees.

By collaborating intensively, we can provide your customers with one of the best security products in the world, enabling them to operate safely in the digital world.

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact us for more information: phone +31 (0)15 2847999 or email:

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