Cyber Threat Management platform: defense against known and unknown threats

In this whitepaper we are presenting our intelligence-driven and operational approach of cyber security and our Cyber Threat Management platform.

Cyber Threat Management platform: defense against known and unknown threats

In recent years the number of it security incidents has risen sharply. Digital scams, fraud, espionage and blackmail seem to be daily news. The overall cyber threat landscape has changed to a degree we have not seen since our establishment in 1999.

Unfortunately it is becoming even more problematic. From our intelligence operations we see international criminal groups operating increasingly under the protection, and in some cases with the help of governments.

High-profile espionage

We have been involved in a number of high-profile espionage cases where we led the emergency response. From this we see highly advanced malware used by state actors, that is designed to circumvent current (state of the art) detection methods. Eventually, this type of sophisticated malware finds its way into the hands of criminals. Employed by criminal groups, hackers could disrupt the economic and financial interests of companies as well as their reputations. Hackers with more political motives may even be positioned to endanger national security.

A different approach

This means the cyber threat landscape is about to change even further. It continues to threaten the economic growth, geopolitical relations, business interests and – for instance through the internet of things – our personal safety. Our belief is that the current state of cyber security solutions is insufficient to protect against these threats.

We feel a more holistic, intelligence-driven and operational approach to cyber security is required to protect against such advanced threats.

First off, cyber security is not just about technology. To counter the evolving cyber threat facing organizations today, business leaders must ensure they have an understanding of the cyber threat landscape specific to their organizations. From this insight, an integrated approach to cyber security can be developed that is tailored to the threat landscape and underlying business risk, addressing not only the technical aspects of their defense, but also the human and organizational elements.

We are presenting our approach and Cyber Threat Management platform in this whitepaper informing you how you can be better prepared against advanced attacks.

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