NPO 1 Opgelicht: Cybercrime

Erik de Jong about bulletproof hosters

NPO 1 Opgelicht: Cybercrime

In a series of three broadcasts, Dutch TV program Opgelicht focuses on cybercrime. Phishing was one of the topics in the second broadcast of the series. Cybercrime often starts with a simple phishingmail. But where do these mails come from and who sends them? The editors tried to find an answer to these questions. Erik de Jong of Fox-IT explains what ‘bulletproof hosters’ are and how they operate. The search led to a highly secured data center in Germany and to a Dutch sender of phishing emails.

Opgelicht is a consumer TV program that reports on fraud and provides the latest news, alerts and tips from the world of fraud and scamming.

Broadcast on 13 December at 9.25pm CET on NPO 1.

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