Security measures necessary for the global nuclear industry

Peter Geijtenbeek: "When it comes to cyber security, security awareness lags far behind"

Security measures necessary for the global nuclear industry

If there is one industry in the world that values high security standards, it is certainly the nuclear sector. It has always been surrounded by an untold number of directives, controls and security measures. However, when taking cybersecurity into regard, the safety consciousness seems to disappear. In an article in Data News Fox-IT’s Peter Geijtenbeek explores the reasons for this.

False sense of security

According to him, one of the main reasons is that cyberattacks against nuclear plants are almost never revealed to the public. This leads to a false sense of security, causing a decrease in cybersecurity investments while there should in fact be an increase. A survey from think tank Chatham House emphasises that nuclear plants are more regularly attacked, often with the involvement of state actors.


Canada, the USA and countries in the Middle East, all voted new laws to enforce cybersecurity measures in nuclear installations, while Europe is reacting slower. According to Geijtenbeek, authentication and encryption should be the global norm, as well as a separation between the OT and the IT environment, will make nuclear installations more resistant to cyberterrorists.

Read the full article (Dutch) here in Data News.

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