Hacking business secrets: everyone does it

Frank Groenewegen talks about espionage in the Financial Dagblad

Hacking business secrets: everyone does it

Het Financieele Dagblad published an article on digital espionage with the title: hacking business secrets; everybody does it. Frank Groenewegen, chief security expert at Fox-IT, explains how economic espionage works and why it is one of the last taboos in cyber security.

Groenewegen: ‘The most common response of companies who got hacked is: “We need to get rid of the hacker as soon as possible.”, but we would like to investigate exactly what the hacker is looking for.” Companies with wanted intellectual property are alsmost always a target for hackers. The smart parties among them anticipate, for example, by placing traps. ‘For example, you can add an ingredient in your product that does not actually add anything to the end product. But if you meet a competitor that uses the exact same ingredient, you know that there is theft. But companies that anticipate on espionage this way, are truly an exception.”

Read the full article with Frank here. (Dutch only)

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