Cybersecurity 101: What to do in case of a hack?

Research and communications still remain the biggest obstacles during a cyber crisis

Cybersecurity 101: What to do in case of a hack?

It is usually not the question if, but when an organisation will have to deal with a cyberattack. Fox-IT used the scenario of a bank being hacked during their first Belgian edition of their ‘Cyber Crisis Table Top’ exercise together with various IT-managers from various Belgian companies, ranging from cloud-hosting to finance. This way the managers could experience first hand what best (not) to do during and after a hack.

The Belgian IT magazine Smart Business was present during this exercises and discussed the results afterwards with Fox-IT’s Erik De Jong. According to him, the biggest problems usually are to correctly define the next priority in the research and what/when to communicate to the outside world. However, De Jong is very clear that there is no standard plan of action as every crisis is different and needs a specific approach.

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