CFO Magazine – Half of all companies hacked at the moment

Menno van der Marel: “At some point, everybody gets hacked"

CFO Magazine – Half of all companies hacked at the moment

Although cybercrime is currently one of the fastest growing forms of crime, few companies have a proactive security policy in place . At the moment, about fifty percent of Dutch organizations are hacked, said Menno van der Marel in CFO Magazine. In an interview with CFO Eneco Guido Dubbeld, he discusses the various threats facing organizations, and how Eneco deals with them.


At the moment, the biggest problem is that people do not realize that their organization has been hacked. “It takes a long time, 200 days on average, before companies are aware that they have been hacked. In the meantime, criminals have nothing to fear”. So it is important that CFO’s are aware of digital risks, says Van der Marel: ” as CFO you have to know the potential impact of digital attacks on your primary processes”.

Business continuity

To keep up with developments in cybercrime, it is  important that security measures are kept up to date. “You need up to date intelligence on the threats facing your industry  and you need to continuously match those threats with appropriate measures”, says Van der Marel. ” But the most important thing to consider is the role of cybersecurity within the organization: “It is essential to make cybersecurity part of business continuity planning and not just of IT. Because at some point, everybody gets hacked”.

The interview (Dutch) can be downloaded from this page, the complete CFO Magazine number 3 can be downloaded here.

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