“Biggest leak in history of CIA”

WikiLeaks shows how and who the Central Intelligence Agency can hack

“Biggest leak in history of CIA”

WikiLeaks has obtained a large number of confidential documents from the CIA and published the first part of these documents om 8 March, 2017. The source of the documents is a hacking unit of the agency. Wikileaks received them from an anonymous source who wants “to question the use of cyber weapons”. This would be the largest leak in the history of the CIA. The documents, nearly 9,000 in total, describe the hacking methods that the CIA – and various partner agencies such as the NSA, but also the British GCHQ – use.

Security Expert Frank Groenewegen of Fox-IT reviewed the documents: “This appears to be a copy of an internal system which is used by people to jointly develop software. There are screenshots, manuals, tools, different versions of documents. The problem with these internal networks is that often, many people have access in order for them to do their work. ”

The impact of this leak is substantial, says Groenewegen. “If this is true, it could spell big trouble for the CIA.” The most striking are the 24 so-called zero days for Android. “In fact, the CIA has 24 cyber weapons ready to attack Android.”

This article was published in the Netherlands by daily De Volkskrant and in Belgium by daily De Morgen.

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